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And it Bee-gins...

Peg Perego VW Magica Hasbro transformer optimus is here Joe fiduccia
Peg Pergo VW Magic Goldwheels Joe Fiduccia Optimus is here Hasbro  transformers

Teaser Trailer

Peg Perego 12v Magica, "In the  Bee-ginning"
Located in Virginia, bought,
and transported to RI.

Joe and Josh introducing

Project: Codename: GoldWheels

How did this Project: Codename: Goldwheels begin?

Back in December 2019, Josh received an email from Joe Fiduccia, owner of the Optimus Prime replica truck that we had gone to meet last summer in Connecticut. He asked Josh if K's Kustom's, would partner up with him on a joint project. The idea was to have K's Kustom's build a Transformer ride-on that Joe, Optimus_Is_Here, would deliver to a family in need of cheering up.

Project:Codename:Goldwheels Videos

Project:Codename:Goldwheels Videos

Project:Codename:Goldwheels Videos
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Josh and Karissa working on Bee

Josh and Karissa working on Bee

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Getting ready to roll out.

Getting ready to roll out.

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Passenger  side laser engraved acrylic with Officer Chesna's badge and badge number, along with the Autobots symbol.

The father was a huge New England sports fan. We created the front vanity plate to have the team logos spell out the word Love. We used poly resin preserve it.

At dusk we had a photo shoot so we would have the chance to show how amazing the laser engraved acrylic windows looked.

The small detail is what makes a big impression. Poly resin dome horn, hand build custom radio, with Bee speak, personalized key chain which was also poly resined.

View of the side window, which was also laser engraved. This side with the Golden Gate Bridge.

Our double layer, laser engraved acrylic with replicated "Bee" vision from the movie. It also served as our sponsor and contributor area. With our those folks and businesses this build wouldn't of been possible. There is even our Bumblebee encased in the acrylic. 

Dusk photo shoot capturing the edge lit acrylic and additional lights that where added to the ride-on.