Power Wheel Rescue Rangers

At K's Kustom's we do more than repair, sell, and modify children's battery operated ride-on's. WE RECYCLE CHILDREN'S RIDE-ON'S! Let the Power Wheel Rescue Rangers take care of your unwanted or broken Power Wheels today.We want to do our part to save the environment. These units are not supposed to be put out by the curb for regular trash pick up, they contain toxic parts that do not belong in the trash or the Landfill. Let us do the work. Free pick up and removal of ride-on's. Do you have outgrown, broken, unwanted ride-on's? Contact Power Wheel Rescue Rangers today!!


  • Children's ride-on's contain toxic parts that need to be recycled properly.

  • "In 2014, Americans generated about 33 million tons of plastic, of which only 9.5% were recycled, according to the US Environmental Protection Agency, the issue is severe, experts say they can't even pinpoint accurate figures to define the problem" article from Huff-post May 5, 2017.

  • K's Kustom's, Power Wheel Rescue Rangers are recycling plastic toys and re-purposing them to help with this very serious problem.

  • We are a point of drop off for the RIRRC/Johnston Landfill in RI to recycle these units. 

  • We offer free removal and pick up in RI, MA, and CT. 

  • The PWRR is helping the environment by preventing as many ride-ons as they can from ending up in the Landfill.

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